Monday, June 1, 2015


Before you submit, make sure you read our editorial policy to understand what we accept and publish and what we do not.

Rules before submitting
Apart from everything else, make sure your article has the following essentials

1) Headline that makes you want to click:
The most effective headlines are the ones that would make your readers want to click on the post and read it. Make them helpfully straightforward, or funny, or borderline disturbingly blunt — but super interesting.

2) The Lede of the story:
Begin your article with a strong lead. This is the trend setter for your post. Here, you make it or break it. The idea of the lede paragraph is to start the narrative and attract the reader enough to go to the next paragraphs.

3) Hit them when it’s right
Use this part of the article for your hard-hitting opinions and facts. This is exactly about what you want to convey to the readers and the opinions you wish to share and form.

4) The call-to-action
By now you have defined the context and what matters the most. The idea of this is to get your readers to engage in a conversation about the topic you wrote about. Prompt them to do that, ask them a question that makes them uncomfortable, agitated, or happy enough to make them want to start a conversation.

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