Thursday, June 4, 2015

INNLIVE News Partnered With 'Global Connect Network'

India News Network (INNLIVE), an Indian News & Features news blog portal with 500 regional servers, or ports, serving on average 600 local news & general web sites, recently launched a new Partner Site program, India News Global Connect (INGC). 

INNLIVE relies on thousands of professional journalists working for local news organizations around the country. They report the news for local release and INNLIVE picks up this coverage and delivers it worldwide.

The INNLIVE provides critical news coverage from "inside out" - first-hand reports from indigenous journalists who are actually living and not just reporting the news. Our sources also provide "no-holds-barred" opinion, editorial and analysis. These insights cannot be found on mainstream news outlets based in Hyderabad and New Delhi that select and edit the news for India. Who are these news sources?

INN LIVEincludes but goes beyond the usually recognized sources of news and information to include other highly credible sources not found on any other news service.

We partner with other independent and highly professional providers of information - including newspapers, television and radio stations, news web sites, governmental agencies, and non-governmental organizations. A link at the bottom of each news story opens a directory that describes the news source. This media database includes information about the source, such as its ownership, political orientation, circulation, frequency, format, contact information, and web site URL.

 INNLIVE routinely breaks news on a India basis - on topics ranging from Terrorism involvement in India to new telecom initiatives -- and supplies our readers with news and information that is intelligently parsed to suit specific news or enterprise interests. Our news feed covers events in business, politics, social issues, health, environment, international affairs, oil and energy, technology, education, media, entertainment and other realms important to businesses, media, government agencies, civil society and educators.

 INNLIVE is a mission-critical resource for any media organization covering global topics. Our news and information provides critical insights and unfolding trends for any organization with an interest in global issues or with geographically dispersed facilities, workforce, assets, brands or customers. News stories hit the wire the moment they are published in their local market. One of India's premier news web sites,

INNLIVE NEWS ( and an array of sites, recently joined India Global Connect as a Partner Sites.

INNLIVE serves original regional news within India Telangana and Andhra Pradesh state respectively and offers a wide variety of community focused stories, boasting a readership of over 50 million to date. India Global Connect provides its Partner Sites an ability to load there html pages for all their originally written content that is then available among Partner Sites to choose those stories of interest they would like to display for their audience at no charge to the members.

 If you would like to get connect with your news website with INGC, kindly send your details and basic website information and screenshot of your homepage to

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