Sunday, June 7, 2015


At INNLIVE, we believe in taking a stand, having a point of view. Neutrality is overrated and, frankly, dull. We understand the world is a complex place and the knotted skeins ofcompeting, overlapping narratives are not easily untangled. Each strand has its vigorous defenders.

Given this commitment to individual voices, it seemed an obvious move to create a casual space for people -- our own journalists, independent bloggers who have a particular perspective to share, adhoc contributors of various ideological stripes, readers -- to congregate and engage each other in charged conversation. What we demand of our journalists, bloggers and readers is passion, moral priniciples, strongly held opinions but also an openness to having those principles and opinions questioned, challenged, even mocked.

Free speech in our country is so often sacrificed at the altar of sentiment that it feels particularly important to have a proliferation of these virtual addas where people can have their say and those who disagree, rather than throwing a tantrum, can also have their say. If you are easily offended, it's best that you stay in your sealed-off echo chamber.

This space does not represent the official INNLIVE view on any particular issue. Instead it seeks to provide a sense of the spectrum of views, including those we disagree with, find offensive or abhorrent. But be warned, we will talk back and expect you to do the same.

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